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I'm not very good at talking about myself or writing but I'll give you a summary. I grew up in Lake Tahoe, California. If you've seen or been to Tahoe you know it's breath taking. I began shooting with those old wind up Kodaks when I was little because I loved taking pictures. As I got older I got my first point and shoot and fell in love. It all started with landscape photography. When I decided I wanted to take my photography more seriously I made this website and tried to turn it in to a business but something felt missing. One day, a buddy of mine invited me along to a workshop in Joshua Tree, In this workshop we would be photographing several models and a couple. This was fairly foreign to me, so I was pretty unsure of myself...I didn't even have the right lenses for portrait photography. My friend lent me his 35 mm and I found what was missing; the human element. I had the most amazing backgrounds but I needed emotion. Ever since that workshop I knew portrait photography was my passion. I absolutely love connecting with people and communicating an emotion through a photo. I love to work with people of all shapes, sizes, races, genders, etc...If you're interested in working with me check out my instagram as well and drop me a message!

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